The safe and easy way to share moments for a bit.

is the safe and easy way to share moments for a bit.

Forget about the worry of consequences from a social network post. With Bitzy, you are able to set specific time limits for each text update and photo post. This limits the amount of time that your post is online for users to see. When the time limit you set has expired, the post will be deleted from your profile, the feed, and from our servers.

Bitzy allows you to see what's happening right now in people's lives. Honestly, do you really care that your friend went on a Caribbean cruise four years ago? Now you can see in real-time what your peeps are up to. Bitzy cleans up the old news once the time limit expires, keeping your feed more current and up-to-date.

Your future boss does not need to know about that crazy night in Vegas (it happens) or who you voted for in the last election. Who wants to be reminded of those times shared with an ex? I mean, they're an ex for a reason, right? Bitzy's dynamic atmosphere changes as quickly as the events in your life. With Bitzy's impermanent feed, these unfortunate circumstances are MUCH less likely to occur. Bitzy provides a safe, mobile atmosphere where you can be yourself.

Bitzy introduces a new way to control your privacy. Instead of having to determine whether all or none of your posts will be private, Bitzy allows you to control the privacy of each individual post. Posting a Public Bit allows everyone to see your post. Posting a Private Bit allows only mutual followers to see your post. Mutual followers are users who follow you AND who you follow. This ensures your Bit is only viewable to those who you're most comfortable sharing with.

Bitzy's main goals are to provide a platform where people can express themselves freely and to make mobile networking more like real-life human and business interaction.

Don't blink or you'll miss something! Bitzy is available for free in the App Store.